Top 15 Outdoor Toys for Toddlers in (2021)

outdoor toys for toddlers
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Keeping toddlers engaged is such a task. Parents literally have to be on their toes when dealing with their little tikes. Not only is it the responsibility of the parents to ensure their kids make some productive use of their time, but it is also imperative for parents to incorporate a healthy lifestyle and physical activities in the daily routine of their kids. Here outdoor toys for toddlers come to the rescue. Deciding which toys to buy, however, is a task in itself and encompasses several factors like safety, durability, quality, utility, and the skill it promotes in the kids. Parents, you need not worry, as we present to you our favorite picks for things to do for kids. These outdoor toys for toddlers are listed keeping in mind the overall development as well as mental, physical, and cognitive growth in kids.

1) Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set:

This all-weather indoor/outdoor basketball hoop is an excellent way to introduce basketball and competitive play to your kids. Not only is it an exciting way to incorporate some fun physical activity, but it also helps in developing motor skills and hand-eye coordination in our young ones. Designed for kids up to 5 years of age, this ranks up as one of the best things to do for kids. With an adjustable height of 2.5 to 4 feet, it is sure to accommodate our young basketball enthusiasts.

2) Children’s Sprinkler Pool:

It’s a fun time for our little water babies! This educational kiddie pool makes learning super easy and entertaining. This inflatable pool with fountain sprinklers makes for the ultimate summer toy and is super safe and accounts as a wonderful outdoor toy for toddlers. Empower your little ones as they learn while playing and grow emotionally, cognitively, and socially. You can choose from A-Z, color balloons, or Around the world variants and let your kids explore it themselves.

3) Toy Rocket Launcher:

A perfect way to kickstart exploring concepts related to science, engineering, trajectories, and velocity, this uber cool rocket launcher serves as an excellent launchpad and a wonderful game for 3-year-olds. Super safe, easy to assemble, and consuming less storage space, this rocket launcher is a great way to sow seeds of science in young minds. Kids will surely have a blast as these rockets fly high up to 100 feet in the sky.

4) Kids Camping Gear Set:

Camping is fun for all age groups. This collapsible camping pop up tent comes with kitchen utilities, lamps, shovel, and whistle to provide an ultimate camping experience. Ranking high on the list of outdoor toys for toddlers, this amazing masterpiece comes as a set of 18 tools to provide our little campers a great space offering a multitude of possibilities. Highly recommended as a game for 3-year-old kids, it provides an excellent way to teach life lessons and let them imbibe important values.

5) John Deere Sandbox Vehicle:

Playing with sand is undeniably the most satisfying experience for kids. This Tomy John Deere Sandbox vehicle toy pack has a dump truck and a tractor making it suitable for sandbox play. A sturdy design and free-rolling wheels of the tractor ensure a seamless experience for the kids. Let your young ones’ imaginations rolling as they maneuver and play with sand to make the most exquisite sandcastles, farms, and roadways.

6) Portable 5 Holes Cornhole Game:

This 2-in-1 game is a superb investment to let your kids make some constructive use of time while honing their cognitive skills and motor skills. It comes with 10 cute little bean bags in 2 different colors and an innovative design that sets it apart from any other outdoor toy for toddlers. Lightweight and easy to assemble, Himal Collapsible cornhole game is excellent to carry for picnics, outdoor parties, and a backyard must-have.

7) Toddler Scooter:

Two amazing rides at the price of 1. A must-have for any kid, this 2-in-1 scooter is so easy to operate. From ride 1, ride 2 is just a flip away. This 4 wheeled scooter has a sturdy frame and adjustable handles that provide the much-needed support for a toddler while also instilling confidence and allowing the young kids to learn how to balance on their own. It also comes with under-seat storage for their pretend and play activities.

8) ToyVelt T-Ball Set for Toddlers:

Love baseball? We all do. Instill the love of your favorite game in the heart of your little one. With this amazing baseball set which comes with an oversized bat and 6 balls to serve the needs of your growing child, spend some quality time with your young one and teach them invaluable lessons that you have learnt with years of experience. This game not only provides a good workout but also improves the motor skills, and hand-eye coordination of your little toddlers.

9) Outdoor Explorer Kit:

Feed the inquisitive minds of your tiny tots with this amazing outdoor explorer kit. It comes with binoculars, compass, magnifying glass and what not to give your kids an unreal and authentic camping experience. The bug catcher and gather kit provides ample educational and fun things to do for kids. This is a fun and easy way to instill love for science and nature and exploration in the indelible minds of your young ones.

10) ToyVelt Bubble Lawn Mower for Kids:

Who doesn’t like bubbles and what better way than a safe, durable, non-toxic game that makes thousands of bubbles as you move it.ToyVelt Bubble Lawn Mover for kids is a perfect outdoor toy for toddlers. Kids love pretend and play and often love spending hours in the garden. This amazing game helps kids develop the necessary skills as they play.

11) Matty’s Toy Stop Deluxe Toss & Catch:

This super fun game is all one needs to get the family parties rolling. Great for kids and adults alike, it is an excellent way to develop hand-eye coordination. Suitable for kids aged 3 and above, every time is an ideal time to play this game. This toss and catch game has the balls and paddle in exciting tropical colors which makes it easier to spot while tossing. It makes up for an outstanding gift for both girls and boys and is perfect to carry to beaches, picnics, holidays etc.

12) iPlay, iLearn Golf Toys Set: Outdoor toy for toddlers

Providing a great way for parents to spend some quality time with their kids, this IPlay ILearn Golf Toys set makes for an outstanding way to form long lasting healthy bonds. This light weight and portable set has a dozen balls and two golf club heads. This promotes mental development of the kids in more than one way while also making them physically fit. Time to teach your little golfer how to ace the hit.

13) FoxPrint Princess Castle Play Tent with Glow in The Dark Stars:

Gift your Princess this amazingly cute Castle play tent with glow in the dark stars and make her the happiest she has ever been. With this easy to assemble, easy to store tent, let your young ones’ imagination and creativity rolling. Secret hiding place or place to play, this is perfect for all pretend play games for kids.

14) Reeves International The Big Dig and Roll Ride-A perfect outdoor toys for toddlers:

This takes pretend and play to the next level. Kids can imagine themselves working at a big construction site with this superb sandbox excavator with wheels. Works equally well in dirt, snow, steel, and sand. Let your kids dig deep with the 360-degree swivel action and perform the digging and dumping action with the crane arms and simply let their creative juices flow.

15) Eezy Peezy 3 in 1 Folding Ball Pit & Bouncer – Outdoor toy for little tikes:

Seldom we come across toys that are a good one-time investment and last long as our young ones grow in age and size. Trampolines are perfect for all age groups, check out our 9 Toddler Trampoline Picks for your Little Tikes here. This 3-in-1 Folding Ball Pit and bouncer is one such buy. It serves multiple purposes of a ball pit for kids as old as 10 months and as a trampoline for kids till age 5. It is super easy to set up and comes with 62 super colorful play balls. Let your kids jump, bounce, and make merry!

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