Is a Trampoline Good for Toddlers – Risks, Benefits, Do’s & Don’ts

Is a Trampoline Good for a Toddler

Trampolines no doubt top the charts as one of the highly acclaimed and loved outdoor activities for kids. But is a trampoline safe for a toddler?

The American Academy of Paediatrics strongly asserts or rather discourages the use of trampolines for children owing to the injuries and risks it poses. However, for your young one, an indoor toddler trampoline with safety nets and handles can surely be a good workout if done under parental supervision.

Childhood is probably the most demanding period of life, with kids having a constant need for supervision and parental guidance throughout the day in addition to a proper diet, sound sleep, and good values. Parents too love watching their little tikes jump, hop, run, and make merry in the backyard and garden. Here comes a huge dilemma for parents, the confusion to decide upon safe physical activities for their little tikes. While parents love trampolines for their kids as a way of workout and play, they do ponder over the risks or safety hazards it imposes. So, this brings us back to the question, is a trampoline good for toddlers?

Just like any other activity, playing with trampolines also requires parents to be on their toes with certain precautions and safety measures to be kept in mind, in order to make the activity super fun and enjoyable for their kids. However, playing with trampolines poses a significantly high amount of danger when compared with other activities be it indoors or outdoors. Having said that, we should not overlook the benefits that trampolines have.

Just like everything in life has two sides to a coin, so does playing with a trampoline. I would guide you through all the possible risks and plausible benefits of playing with trampolines and their overall impact on the growth of a child.

While most of the risks associated with the use of a trampoline can be easily mitigated by parental supervision and taking a thorough knowledge of what kind of trampolines work best at the respective age groups. Let’s get down to business and try to understand the pros and cons associated with the use of trampolines for your young ones.

Safety measures with toddler trampoline:

As a parent, we are first and foremost concerned with knowing whether a certain activity is safe for our kids. To answer this question is a trampoline safe for a toddler, we must learn about the safety measures. To ensure a smooth and fun time for kids while they play safely on the trampoline, parents must keep in mind the following.

1) Select age-specific Trampoline:

It is advisable to buy a trampoline specially made for kids of that particular age group. Online marketplaces are flooded with many options for all age groups. For a toddler, you may opt for a trampoline best suited for the age group 1-4 years. For kids aged 5-9, you may opt for slightly bigger trampolines.

A toddler trampoline is usually not that high and must be placed at ground level. Also, it needs to be ensured that no pointed objects or large objects surround the toddler trampoline or else the kid faces a danger of falling on one of those objects.

Mini trampolines are specially curated kept in mind the safety of toddlers and 2-year-old kids. American Academy of Pediatrics, however, does not accept trampolines as a way of safe play suggesting it might impose certain health hazards. Nevertheless, spending some time hopping and jumping on mini trampolines under parental supervision won’t do your kid any harm.

2) Safety Bar handle:

Safety handle bar is a MUST. While toddlers and young kids are in the process of developing motor skills, jumping without support is something that isn’t advisable at all. Parents must make sure to buy trampolines that are equipped with safety handle bars, so that their kids can hold onto the bars while they jump and hop.

3) Supervision:

Parental SUPERVISION is of utmost importance. Highlighting parental supervision here is very crucial as is the case with any other outdoor activity. Parental supervision is key to avoiding injury and mitigating risks while playing with trampolines. Active interaction and guidance from the parents will allow kids to jump, hop and play in the correct manner.

4) Usage:

Parents must ensure that only one kids is using the trampoline at any given point of time. Risks increase multifold if there are more than 1 kids playing on the trampoline at any given point of time. Parents must ensure that only one kid is playing with the trampoline at a time.

5) Safety net:

Another important element of any safe trampoline is the presence of a safety net. As the name suggests safety nets cover the trampoline from all sides, making it impossible for the child to fall down from the trampoline while hopping and jumping on it. Having said that, it is still extremely important to place your kid’s toddler trampoline on the ground level to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

6) No summersaults or flips:

Parents must also ensure kids don’t perform summersaults or flips while playing on the trampoline as it may lead to kids getting sprained.

7) Placed on ground level:

It must be emphasized again and again that trampolines must be fixed on the ground level. Also, parents must ensure clearing the ground off of any hazardous elements prior to kids playing on the trampoline in order to ensure a safe playful and risk-free zone for their kids.

Jumping on the trampolines can at some instances result in sprains or fractures in arms or legs. It can also lead to some neck or head injuries in serious cases. As said earlier, there are some risks associated with the use of trampolines that can be mitigated by following the safety measures

Benefits of playing with Trampoline:

Having discussed the safety measures and the risks playing with trampolines might impose of the young ones, we ought to discuss the benefits of playing with trampolines as well.

1) Increased Coordination and Motor Skills:

Jumping and playing on the trampoline increases coordination and significantly develops the motor skills of toddlers and young kids.

2) Improved Cardiovascular System:

By increasing the heart rate with a small amount of activity, it strengthens the muscles thereby making the cardiovascular system healthier.

3) Increased Energy Levels:

It increases the energy levels of the kids. As they bounce, more oxygen flows in the body leading to increase in the energy levels and therefore more alertness.

4) Happy kids:

This increase in the energy levels further stimulate the release of endorphins that are naturally mood enhancing, thereby making your kids happier.

5) Improved confidence:

It boosts confidence levels in young kids.

6) Fresh air:

When outdoors, it allows them to spend some time in nature and breathe fresh air that they often miss out on while playing games indoors.


We have thoroughly gone through the major risks, benefits, dangers associated with the use of trampolines. We have also discussed in great detail the safety measures and precautions to be taken to avoid any mishaps or injuries. Just like any other physical activity, jumping trampolines also poses certain threats and dangers. But, as is said excess of everything is bad. Well, if your younger one wants to play on trampolines, you might as well allow them to play for some time. And during this time, you simply need to supervise and sit nearby to see them hop in style!

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