Indoor fun for kids in (2021)

indoor fun for kids
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Parents can relax and let kids enjoy in the comforts of their home as we present our top ways to ensure indoor fun for kids.

Nothing spells relaxation and comfort for parents more than indoor fun for kids. Needless to say, parents feel really happy and at peace when they see their kids enjoying in the comforts of their home. Not only does it allow parents to have their ‘me-time’, but it also provides them with few moments where they can be carefree and calm.

Parenthood is beautiful, but parenting can be quite strenuous sometimes and it is absolutely okay,(rather I say necessary) for parents to let kids be and explore games and plays themselves.

During this time, where the entire world is in a pandemic and a near lockdown situation, it gets quintessential for parents to keep their kids engaged in activities inside their homes to ensure maximum safety and protection. Ensuring indoor fun for kids has become extremely important to make sure kids stay safe while making sure their overall growth and mental development stays unaffected and unhindered.

Indoor fun for kids is a quite broad term, and we will help break it down for you in a way you will find most appropriate for kids all ages. We present before you our Top 6 picks for the best ways for Indoor fun for kids.

1) The Floor is Lava – Interactive Game for Kids

Who says indoor fun for kids will be devoid of physical exertion and movements? The Floor is Lava, an interactive game for kids aged 5+, is a multiplayer game best enjoyed in a company of 2-6 players. This game not only tests their mental capacities and requires steady reactions, but also encourages physical play in the form of jumping and leaping. It comes with cushioned, non-slippery ‘safety stones’, challenge cards, and game spinners, which makes it exciting for boys, girls of all age groups. A single game can last upto 45 minutes leaving your kids happy throughout the day.

2) Crazy Forts

Gift your child playful opportunities to bring out the budding engineers and architects in them. Crazy Forts provides a unique building and creating an experience for kids. By putting and assembling different pieces together, kids can make anything and everything, ranging from pirate ships to igloos, from tent houses to castles. This 69-piece building set is durable and portable making it all the more fun to play with at a place of your convenience.

3) Toddler Tricycle Bike:

Indoor fun for kids

This sturdy and stable baby balance bike is a great investment for kids 10- 24 months old. It comes with a carbon steel frame with strong welds, and fully enclosed wheels that are soft, ergonomic, and supportive. Easy to use and easy to set up, strong and durable, this mini bike helps kids learn how to ride a bike, develop balance, and also make most of being indoors. It’s a great gift for both baby boy and girl.

4) Water Drawing Mat:

Indoor fun for kids equipped with education tools is a win-win game for all parents. This unique doodle board mat follows a dinosaur world pattern and consists of all the English alphabets and simple shapes. Simply fill the pen with clean water and voila, let your child learn, draw, and explore the world full of possibilities. The drawing fades in 5-10 minutes and your little artist can make another mind-blowing creation again. This game not only helps in developing creative and drawing skills in kids but also in improving hand-eye coordination and color perception.

5) SoftScape Toddler Corner Climber:

Indoor fun for kids

This one’s a relief for parents, as they can now enjoy the moment their kids begin to take their first steps, instead of worrying about them getting hurt by something. With the help of this corner climber, kids can learn how to crawl, climb and slide in the most safe and protective environment. It helps kids develop hand-eye coordination and growth skills as well as social skills when placed in a institutional environment with other kids. Easy to use, non-slippery and kid friendly, it is a great toy that encourages indoor fun for kids.

 6) Indoor fun for Kids – Play Tent and Tunnels:

Bright, vibrant, and eye-catching, this ball pit playhouse is as much fun as it is colorful. Suitable for kids aged 1-6 years, it is super fun for the entire family. Easy to assemble and super easy to store, it pops open within seconds. This playhouse is made of high-quality fabric that is durable and makes it last for long. Tents, ball pit, and tunnels make for a number of pretend plays and games for kids, making sure kids spend a good amount of time doing the productive play. This enhances their creativity and imagination in addition to developing gross motor skills and strengthening leg and arm muscles.

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