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Best walker for baby

Drinking milk, breathing, and most of all crying somehow comes naturally to all babies. But walking is an activity that often needs a lot of support from the parents, and this support comes in the form of a walker. Best walker for baby is something that all parents are in the lookout for.

Parents come across a lot of firsts as they witness their tiny tots bloom- first talk, first spoonful of solids, first day of school, first step. Walking, however, is one of the most important part in a baby’s life as it signifies independence. In order to enable your kids to discover his/her own path (pun intended!) and give them the much-needed freedom, parents can bring home a suitable walker for their kids.

Although there is no particular age the kid must start using a walker (generally 4-16 months), it potentially depends on the baby’s strength, development and size. The best walker for baby is the one, in which the baby can hold his head steadily and have their feet comfortably touching the floor.

So, without further ado, here’s presenting for our lovely parents, the top 7 best walker for baby.

Baby Trend – Best walker for baby

Best walker for baby

Baby Trend 2.0 is super easy to walk with and all the more convenient to store or transport. It folds flat offering great storage. Its multi-directional wheels allow freedom of movement for the kid, while the extra wide base offers excellent support and stability. Loaded with superior features, it also offers a large surround tray that gives kids plenty of space for snacks and play. Accommodating kids with varied height, it offers a 3-position height adjust as well. And just when you needed nothing more to decide this is the one, yet another feature it offers is a removable toy bar. Also, cleaning it super easy with a mild soap, water and cloth/sponge.

Joovy Spoon Walker – Best walker for baby

Stylish, chic and super comfortable is what defines the Spoon walker. It folds flat making it extremely easy to store and for travel. The seat pad is made of excellent fabric and cushion to make it more supportive and comfortable. Also, the is machine washable, so you don’t have to worry about any dirt or stains. Along with that the super-sized tray has a removable insert that is dish washer safe. Hence, cleanliness is not even a concern here. Spoon walker offers great features like adjustable height positions, oversized wheels and non-slip stair pads. Easy to use, easy to fold, easy to store and easy to clean. It makes walking easy, so go ahead and make your life easier!

Disney Winnie The Pooh Walker

Best walker for baby

This cutie would make you wanna become a baby again. You’d fall in love with its cute looks that you’d definitely want to buy it, even if you aren’t a parent yet! Perfect for kids 4months and up, this one features Disney characters along with super fine aesthetic appeal. It offers a 3-position height adjustment, an oversized play/snack tray. Also, sturdy wheels that support on both hard and carpeted floors and two swing-open activity trays that are equipped with Disney themed toys and songs. All these truly ensure that it has what it takes to rank amongst the top list of best walker for babies.

Storkcraft 3-in-1 Activity Walker – Best walker for baby

Storkcraft is a known brand in the world of kid’s furniture business. It is synonymous with fine quality, trust, and great design. This 3-in-1 activity walker features an entertaining toy tray, jumping board, feeding tray and feel of a rocking chair. Not only is it super fun and interactive, it allows kids a 360-degree swivel making it easier for them to reach all the different toys. The seat height is adjustable, making it comfortable for kids all sizes. The interactive toy tray is inclusive of a steering wheel, ice-cream cone toy, lollipop tether, cars, buttons with sounds and what not.

KidsEmbrace Batman Activity Baby Walker

Are you DC fan parents who aspire to share the same love with their son/daughter? If yes, welcome to the club. Get this amazing walker for your kid and watch them get set to go! This walker has an easy swivel steering wheel, gear shifter, and attached key, that’ll make all the sounds with vibrations and also has flashlights to play with. This one’s easy to clean and sanitize. It is made with 100% polyester foam and covered with machine-washable 100% polyester batting. Folding and storing is just a security latch away. This walker is suitable for kids ages 6-18 months weighing up to 26 lbs.

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Learn with Puppy Walker

The brand needs no introduction. For years it has been one of the most trusted kid’s toys and gear brands across the globe. Fisher Price musical infant walking toy allows babies to sit and play as they grow, and then stand and walk as and when they feel. Not only does it allow you to introduce walking to your kids, but it also allows you to introduce alphabets, shapes, color, numbers and much more. Suitable for babies aged 6-36 months, this features smart stages technology to adapt the content as per the child’s age. The handle is easy to grasp, and easy to move. The hands-on activities make playtime all the more fun and interesting for these tiny tots.

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