Best Toddler Hip Carrier (2021) | The 4 Best Picks

Best Toddler Hip Carrier
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I am sitting in front of my computer thinking about the ‘best toddler hip carrier’ for my upcoming travel plans. As it’s not easy to carry your toddler for long walks or a long time.

Carriers are something that can make moving with a child tremendously easy, however, the difficult part is to choose the right one for both the toddler and parent.

Why do we need a baby carrier:

The baby carrier has a good amount of advantages for both baby and parents. They can support the head and neck of the infants and tend to strengthen them. For parents, it’s easy for them to carry their baby around other than holding them in arms. Altogether a carrier keeps the parent and child hugged together each other enhancing the special bond.

A Toddler hip carrier is especially build to carry your growing heavy toddler easily and distribute weight to your body evenly other than your back or shoulders which can get tired easily. Positioning your kid tucked behind you so that you can carry and carry on.

Here are 4 choices I have picked after my detailed research so that you will not get confused bombarded with so many choices:

Eccomum Multifunction Baby Hip Carrier 

Best Toddler Hip Carrier

Ecommum baby carrier gives you so much freedom of use that it covers all the aspects of your need. You do not need to change the baby carrier as your infant grows as it has adjustments for infants till the 3 years old toddlers (Or more depends how much weight you can carry).

Best Toddler Hip Carrier

It takes care of the babies of various development stages from 3 to 36 months. As the baby grows this carrier grows with it providing the optimal adjustment options suitable for the present age of your baby.


  • 6 in 1 way to carry giving wide flexibility of use
  • M shaped sitting position which gives which is ideal for child’s him development and prevention
  • Made with superior quality cotton which is breathable with air cool mash
  • Super wide & thick enough shoulder straps to reduce the burden
  • Distributes weight evenly and reducing pressure on the spine
  • Nano grade velcro which avoids scratches on babies delicate skin


  • Some people can find it complicated because of so many setting and adjusting options
  • People may complain about its bulky size and appearance
  • It can be not so much fit to small and super skinny people

At Last:

Every product has some cons, however, this carrier is something that is the sweet spot between pricing and usability. It ensures us with many utilities which makes it a great quality product to go for.

Ergonomic Baby Carrier All Seasons Foldable Hip Seat

Ergonomic baby carrier gives you the option to adjust baby hip seat to different angles according to the requirement of his age and body type. It also supports the spine of the parent with Lumbar support, which is a brilliant addon.

The adjustable hip seat gives the choice of adjusting the position of the baby changing the center of gravity and posture. Something which traditional carriers do not have


  • Comes with lumbar support which reduces the burden on the spine
  • Adjustable angles hip seat gives the choice of different postures for baby
  • Comes with breathable mesh fabric which keeps one from overheating
  • Convertible options for different age groups


  • People may get confused and find all adjusting options complicating
  • Price is a bit on a higher-end compared to competitors.


People who need extra support for the spine can find it ideal as it gives a visible addon for lumbar support plus the adjustable baby hip seat option may hit some eyes.

Xianrui toddler Carrier with Hip Seat

This carrier is designed for 0-36 months of babies as it comes with a detachable hip seat for infants and 3 combinations which can give options to multi positions.

The design gives the freedom to use it as 15 different combination or position according to babies development age or requirement


  • The ergonomic hip seat gives baby natural M shaped sitting to prevent the development of hip dysplasia
  • 3 in 1 combination which gives freedom to use 15 different positions
  • Considerably cheaper than other competitors
  • Tailored for baby support from the neck and back support for the infants
  • As it’s made from cotton and durable mesh it remains breathable and cool in hot weather


  • It may not fit plus size person or tall built men as some people complain

At Last:

This baby carrier gives all essential utility, quality is decent other then its size its quite a good deal in its price, if someone is looking for something economical.

Infantino Flip Advanced 4-in-1 Carrier

This is the one which I saw with the highest number of reviews, it may be because of its cheaper price. It does not typically have hip seat, it has regular fabric seating. Although, the seating positions can be adjusted 4 ways and it can be used for a child weighing 8 to 32 pounds.

Infantino carrier comes with 4 position adjustment, which is at least minimum when you buy a carrier.


  • Adjustable shoulder strap and waist which puts weight on wearers hip
  • 4 in 1 ergonomic seat
  • Good value for the price range of product


  • Its fabric does not with breathable mesh technology so it can get hot in the summers
  • Does not comes with a hip seat

At Last:

A reasonably priced product comes with general minimum features, people who looking for a carrier with low price and some minimum features then this product can interest them.

Wrapping Up

Every parent and child may have different needs when it comes to toddler carrier above I have chosen 4 best variants which I have found according to my research. I have pinpointed important points and features so that you can quickly and easily decide without getting overwhelmed with the plethora of choices.

Choose the one which fills your and your baby’s needs ‘The best toddler hip carrier’ and let’s carry on your special journey with your baby.

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