Author: Sonali Singh

Hi I am Sonali.

I am an education consultant, content writer, amateur life coach and former international examination coordinator. With an academic background in psychology, the desire to learn more and more about human behavior is something that drives me and motivates me.

As an examination coordinator and consultant at an esteemed school, I have often come across parents who at times, find it difficult to understand the needs/attitudes of their kids and get confused with what to do.

Having spent more than 7 years in a school, addressing the concerns of kids from kindergarten to grade 12, I have somewhat been able to crack the code to kid’s happiness and fulfilling their needs.

My mission is to assist parents in spending quality time with their kids, engage in fun activities with their kids and just enjoy being a parent. I aim to help parents review and compare the best products for kids all ages in order for them to select the best experiences for their young ones.

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