About Us

Raising kids isn’t easy!

What to do around them?

How to teach them positive values?

How to inculcate high moral values and wisdom?

How to decide what activity to enrol them for?

What gifts to buy?

What games must they play with?

And the list of questions is endless!!!!!

As our little babies grow, so do their demands and necessities. As concerned parents, we often find ourselves in a dilemma when deciding what to buy and what not to buy for our kids, what activity is best suited for their age and what’s not, and how to keep up with these little ones with unlimited bundles full of energy.

It is only when you become a parent or a guardian, is when you are able to identify the challenges associated with each growing phase of your young ones, and eventually learn how to deal with the issues therein.

We at Jumping Toddlers, understand the pressures and challenges you come across in your daily life and it is our honest mission to present before you the best ways to channel the energies of your young ones in the most productive activities and pursuits.

With tons of products at our disposal thanks to online shopping and a multitude of websites to browse through, getting confused is the least of our worries. Finding good quality, durable, and budget-friendly products from the vast ocean of products available online are something that is a feat to conquer.

Fret not, my dear. We are a team of family experts, who will help you answer all your concerns. We aim to provide for you an honest review of the best and top-rated toys, games, swings, in order to let our tiny tots, get the finest, safest, easy on the pockets products that they can play with, learn from and create new things from. We will also review the best physical exercise, the best hobbies to enroll your kids for, and how to keep up with changing times when it comes to parenting. In an earnest effort to lighten up the faces of our little tikes, we bring to you the most amazing collection of everything that a kid needs. This is a one-stop destination to cater to all of your requirements.